Wednesday, November 28, 2007

One mini pumpkin, 3 holiday crafts

We used mini pumpkins for Halloween this year. They were easier for our kids to do on their own.
We painted them with washable paint (which can flake off), glued google eyes on them and decorated them with markers and stickers.
Once Halloween was over we washed the paint off put the eyes back the craft box and made the turkeys featured here in my blog.
Now that thanksgiving is over we have pulled the turkeys apart, saved the feathers and google eye for future projects. And washed off the washable markers we used to decorate them with.
We started with 4 pumpkins for Halloween, 2 were dispalyed outside on the porch and two were on the mantle. Only one of the pumpkins had to be thrown out (it became soft). Displaying the crafts outside helped them last longer.
Our next project will be to turn these into snowmen, I am figuring that project out today and will post our craft as soon as we put it together. My plan is to paint the pumpkin white.

I am excited to experiment with reusing items from our previous projects. I am trying to teach my kids to recycle and be eco friendly. They enjoy watching their items turn into something new.

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